I walked into the room one day, and noticed an egg half covered in Ruth’s bed. At a young age she is one of the jolliest people I have ever laid my eyes on. Ruth, is my niece, the younger one and one of the wild ones. By wild, I mean the real dictionary definition of the word.

Having found this egg, covered with an intention of keeping it warm, I went looking for her, and happened to collide with her around the dining with another egg in her hand. Trust me, at that moment I was confused. What would a small girl be doing transferring eggs here and there. Lots of thoughts crowded my mind. Even illuminati stuff, or maybe that she was the Easter bunny and had been keeping it from us.

“Ruth where are you taking daddy’s eggs?”, I decided to  ask, to calm my suspicious thoughts.

With a very angry face, she said, “auntie am hiding them. You see now, Kuku comes to the kitchen and steals the eggs then it takes them and sits on them”

Now how was I supposed to explain to such a child that things actually go on the other way round?  I think she had come across one of the hens that had laid eggs in the store, and was confused where the eggs had come from. you wanted me to explain the entire mating session to a small brain. If your answer is still yes, think again; the Entire Mating Session (EMS). In her mind, there was only one other place she saw eggs. in the kitchen tray. You wanted me to go like,

“hey, Ruth, the kukus do things.. then somehow the egg is fertilized then somehow it becomes hard, then the egg has a chalaza, (this word will make you see how complex things are. that word was just so offside in biology) and it comes out hard?”

You wanted me to tell the truth, and end up looking like the bad one? That we are the ones who steal eggs from under kuku? She would hate humanity forever, for their merciless acts.  That for centuries, we have been robbing chicken kids and eating them? No way! No way!

Mum has always, taught me one thing. Don’t stop a child. They may destroy something, but at the back of their mind, they are doing a great job. In whatever they do, throw complements, give them the stage. it helps to boost esteem, and drive away the fear of saying exactly what they feel. It was time to show my parenting skills. Poni, what have you learnt from all the years of tutoring mum has been giving. #momentoftruth #Letmewatchyoubreakakidsheart #amwaiting

I made her continue, but told her not to take the egg when kuku is around, because it should not see her. And then led her to the kitchen and said, the egg should be punished for letting kuku steal it. (I think you know what was going through my mind )so we broke it in a plate, and yup, we ate it.






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