I think I should make a movie called wildly ones. notice that I added the “y” after wild, because there is already a movie called wild ones. I have another wild girl growing under my watch. She is responsible and intelligent. Something I suppose she got from me.

Her daily timetable has story time inclusive, and my auntie Florence is the teacher assigned this duty. Lorna loves story time, but she cannot relax and just let the story slide into her mind so that she can feel the comfort of imagination.

I remember at that age, I had graphical images of the ogre with five eyes, the beautiful girl who sat by the lake with a cup of milk and the fish poured it, Mr. Hare, and I had it all movie-d up. the most amusing part about Acholi stories is that, having scared the kid to maximum, they always make sure the child has a good night sleep. When it was time for the deadly, ogre to die, it would ask for his pinky to be cut off and used to drum, and all the people he would have eaten would rise from the dead. I always longed for that part. the “Happily ever after”


Lorna, relates things, everything. she wants to know exactly what the picture looks like outside, identify the problem and solve it before the story continues. Get a hold of yourself kid, there’s millions of problems in this country you still don’t know about.

So auntie  decides to tell  a story about the best friends; Frog and snake, who  decided to visit each other. So Mr frog goes to snake’s apartment, they catch up, have a drink or two and decide  to have dinner. Since snake was the cook and host, he sent frog off to get his hands washed.  Frog did as was told, and hopped back to the dinner table. By the time he got there, his hands where dirty again, and was sent back. This happened about three times (at this stage of the story, Lorna was deep in thought)

She asked my aunt,” auntie, now why doesn’t frog wash his hands, then put it in the pocket when he is coming back?”

I was listening from the next room, and I felt the frustration in her voice. I couldn’t laugh because she was serious. I couldn’t smile because I wouldn’t have expressed my emotion to the maximum. I was torn between laughing and smiling.

So the story continued, and snake instead went to visit frog. At the dinner table, frog  suggests that they all used hands. He regarded licking food disrespectful. Auntie concluded with the fact that snake did not eat till he left, and frog had all the food. Lorna, stopped her, and asked;

“Now auntie, why doesn’t snake use a fork?”

Curtains close








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