Diary of a broke fashionista 3

  I just promoted myself to four-star general! Poni Jao

Poni is a “collector”. I once collected used airtime cards, with no idea about what I wanted them for.   The mixture of colors kind of just looked appealing to me. So, I have recently been hit by the button craze. I am collecting buttons from everything, everyplace and every top. Am in love with buttons and I am starting to want crazy ones on all my clothes. Lots and lots of buttons.

Every year, when this happens, I take a walk downtown to own some cheap clothes, at 500 shillings. Many say they can never buy cheap clothes. Most say the clothes are old, torn and ugly. But I say, there is always a glass waiting for you to make lemonade. You just have to know the right cupboard to open. Yesterday, I went to Kamwokya market (Friday is market day). If you had followed me, you would have wondered why I chose the clothes I bought. You would have wanted to know what criteria I used to select those who were coming home with me. The fact is, when am having this craze, I don’t usually check if the clothes are torn, had no damage, or if they fitted. This is because I am not buying the clothes. I am buying the buttons.

IMAG3110 (4)

Recently, a friend gave me a pretty black dress that she thought would look really nice on me. She was right, it did <wink>. There was however something pale about it. Black is supposed to be strong, authoritative, with a mixture of emotion and power. Google says despite the negativity associated with it, black can also represent the mysterious, sexy, and sophisticated. This one in particular, was not doing any of that.

#Lesson 3: Just like in a real relationship, to be attractive, you must put effort. It was a pretty short dress, with everything I wanted, but it was boring! and was not making me want it just enough. So because I don’t let go of my clothes, I had to add a little flavor to it.

One of the dresses I bought from the market had really attractive golden buttons. there is so I cut out its gold button

I had thought of lining the buttons around the collar, but that would have been great if it was high up around the neck. So I sat there confused, with a puzzle to solve. Shoulders!. Brilliant idea! I immediately started the stitching. It was so tiresome, as I had to carefully measure the distance between every button. These types of buttons In particular are also very had to stitch. It is a bit messy on the inside. In a few hours, I had a brand new dress. LBD. Sexy. But most important of.


Dear diary, there is no ugly dress, just like there is no ugly person. Each of us looks at a cloth and sees different things. Someone out there might be having a “collar craze”. In every thing we do, we should always strive to be give ourselves a lot of credit. Since everybody loves a woman in uniform. I made a soldier out of myself. Then I promoted myself to four-star-general!










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