Diary of a Broke Fashionista 1


My own version of a tat patch; Poni Jao

I love clothes. I love every type of cloth, as long as it looks good on me of course. There are two categories of cloth lovers. Many love clothes to the extent that they have the newest and latest. I love clothes to the point, I just can’t let go of anything in my closet. Throughout life, I have learnt that fashion is repetitive, and clothes are like puzzle pieces waiting to be put together, to make one big explosion. So I dedicated myself to always filling in the gaps, and reconstructing the puzzle in the cheapest way possible.

Lesson #1 back in school, I was taught in art class that every mistake is still a piece of art. I just bought myself a new pair of damaged jeans, from around town, and could not wait to try them on. And when I got to that part, one of the saddest things happened. I forcefully pushed my legs in, and one of my toes got entangled in the patch and tore the weak threads. At that particular moment, I really wanted to cut my toes off. What can a girl do with ripped, ripped jeans. Or to put more clarification, damaged, damaged jeans? I tried on my jeans again, though not as full of life as before, and it looked like a chunk of meat was about to fall of my left thigh, through a large crack. Not cool!

I could not let go. No way. I had to do everything in my power. The jean was mine, and I had to wear it. It belonged to me, and not a dustbin. I tried joining the damage with white thread, but they could not hold on for long. Then I tried entangling the threads to each other, and it created a huge mess. I was so stressed out. At that instant, I recalled a face book photo of some dude that had proven to be very fascinating to me at that time. He was wearing a red legging inside a ripped jean and I had told my roommate. “Now, why doesn’t he remove the outer one, and remain with the inside?”

I cut out a piece of one of my old shirts to fill the patch. Note that the tricky bit was how I had to choose between pink and blue, which color matched the jean perfectly. I didn’t want to draw so much attention to the patch, hence blue was just best. So I sat on my bed, pulled out my thread bag (a must have for every woman), and started the stitching! The beauty about stitching a damage in a jean is that the threads sort of dissolve inside the damage, and can’t be seen. Thread plus thread just equals more thread. I patched up the crack and created a punk mix to my jeans.

I can now couple it with a white top, and a blazer. The white top is because white makes a duplicate become original, and the colored blazer is to make a clash with the patch. And because I love my colors. Dear Diary, I lost a fashionable trouser, but I created a whole new trend. I am going to name it the Poni-patch jean. And when my friends call me out, I will say, “let me throw on my PP jeans, will meet you in an hour <wink>

IMAG1914 (2)

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