Diary Of a broke Fashionista 2

Old is Gold; Poni Jao

Have you ever wanted something so bad, but couldn’t afford it? Well ask me.

I have wanted so many things in the fashion world. I like “the look” but most times I don’t have the finance to make me own the million things that a girl wants. So I normally buy one really expensive thing, and many other cheap things, to put a blend in my closet. I know very many ladies may be facing the same problem, or may be entangled in these financial situations, but am here to tell you that being broke does not mean you can’t be a fashion killer.

Lesson #2. I have made a decision in my life to overcome the financial monster using one word, the “I” word. Improvise. So, in April I checked out a jewelry shop and the chains where ten fifteen and twenty thousand. Very affordable, very fair prices I must say, but at that time my campus budget just could not allow me to buy it. I knew I had to own one. Every friend of mine owned one. I dint. My clothes where begging for me to get one. Every day that I opened my closet, my collared shirts, and my white tops would give me that look. The “I really hope she doesn’t choose me today look”. I just wasn’t wearing them the way they wanted to be worn, and I had to do something about it.

What I have in plenty, the string bags. And the strings have lots of chains. Brilliant! The good thing is they come in all sorts of colors. Gold, silver, too gold and too silver. So I cut out the bag strap, and made myself a chain. Yes, you just read that! I cut out the strings on my handbag, and joined them to make a necklace. Then I made two chains, and now I have three chain necklaces. I can assure you, my clothes are so proud of me. The strings may not look as expensive and classy as the ones out there, but they sure do look expensive and classy on me. So for every time I go shopping downtown, And for every string bag I come across, being sold at three thousand shillings, in a heap of very unattractive dirty old bags, I stop for a check. Many see old, I see gold.

Dear Diary, in the fashion world, a person only looks good and stylish only as much as they feel inside. Style, beauty, coolness, all these things are internal. So I always wear it on the outside, and feel stylish on the inside. This is so that the confidence with which I wear my clothes makes me look stylish to the rest of the world.

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