Spotting Techniques This Examination Period

Nobody will tell you this. I will!

I should call Adele up and tell her that the only thing that beats her music and top chart album releases are examination periods in the university. Then she would give me her “I don’t care what you think thing.” 11 times Adele dint care what you think Anyway, that is beside the point. Examination week is playing around with people’s radios in my hostel. Almost six rooms on my floor have been attacked, and am not planning on letting mine be too. However because I have Fear Of Missing Out, like almost every Ugandan, I guess, on the other hand , I might not let this exam time go un- noticed. I wrote down a few tricks that could be used to spot (Evil grin) wrong advice I know!


Did you know that one of the reasons why we attend lectures is to obtain a mutual relationship and an inside out understanding of our lecturers? The University is a time to play sharp smart and intelligent all at once. This is the only place I am sure “the stick by the book” is invalid. Everybody has a reason why they attend lectures, or why they don’t. However, this is one of the main reasons why, even if you are lazier than I am, you should endeavor to attend your classes at the University.

Every time a lecturer walks into your classroom, to teach, think of it as a date. You can even leave room for a little imagination, and create dim lights effects, (wink*) for the girls only of course. Think of it as a time you and your friends go for a drink, a time you have taken a particular girl out to get something to eat, and you really like her. You like her so much, to the extent that you do not want to miss any chance of getting to know her better. There, the key words are “get to know the person better”.

Did you not know that it is easier to predict someone’s actions, reactions, and most importantly expectations of you as a friend, only when you have spent countless times together? With knowing your lecturer, comes knowing his reaction to certain answers, his expectation of your answer, and what he looks for in a paper. To a more advanced thinker you can even figure out what he might set.

First, last, topic introduction classes, lectures where you think few people will attend and lectures on public holidays count the most. If you cannot attend all classes, then at least don’t miss any of the above. Once you miss out on the introduction, the entire course unit will seem hard to catch up with. These classes help you obtain an overview of what exactly the course unit accommodates, and then you can proceed to Google. Last lectures and public holiday classes normally have examination hints. “Make research about this or that” I was caught off guard in my first year when a computer literacy lecturer asked us to make research on command prompt for different activities. My entire test was covered in commands. It was saddening because he mentioned it in the last lecture, and I ignored it. (First year hype)

Lastly, some lectures tend to set from the lectures in which students complained the most, or asked the most stupid questions, lectures- in- which- he- over- explained- a- concept- to- a- bunch- of- blank- students- who- still- remained- blank- as- before- he- had- introduced- it- and- there- was- no- sign- of- redemption. I can even add, all- this- happening- during- the- lectures- that- had- the- least- attendance


There are so many rumors about lecturers not actually marking certain papers, and thus these loopholes have to be catered for at the University. What is a new strategy?

Use neat handwriting. For as long as I can remember, this has been preached to every person in every school. They seemed to have linked it to CANTAB, but they were preparing you for this moment. (Super Hero stuff huh?). It is not until I stepped into these soils that I realized the importance of a nice handwriting. Let me give you a scenario. Suppose you were a lecturer, who woke up late, is unsure whether his contract will still be renewed for the next year, was stuck in traffic for two hours before reaching the university. Your child is not performing so well in school, and your wife is an alcoholic. Your side girlfriend is threatening you with exposure in case you do not send her money. You do not have money. You handle three course units and have to mark all scripts. Here is a girl with a very annoying handwriting and you seem to be taking minutes reading her paper. I can’t write any more about this.

Identify the lecturer’s main question. For every test or examination, there is a question that the lecturer uses to base your ability to understand, comprehend and apply his concepts. A question that he set intentionally to see whether you attended his classes. To check whether you know what you are doing. Sometimes it is a general knowledge question, but most times it involves three or more concepts in one.  Do it like it’s the number that will save you from a volcanic eruption. It’s all about  impression Impress him and he will assume you know. He will keep assuming you know what you are doing till he completes your script.

Answer the first question to your best, or place the best answered question at the top. You pass the first two questions in the answer sheet, you have tuned his mindset to a particular frequency. He will vibrate at it, till the end. Trust me it’s worth it. But these are just my thought. Who cares what goes on in my mind anyway. If you read it however, I hope it works for you as well. Success in examinations, and remember. Don’t stop playing Adele music.


2 thoughts on “Spotting Techniques This Examination Period

  1. Haha…I wouldn’t agree any better.Thoughtful insight on how to beat the season’s dilemma.Am sure to employ the ‘during examination part’.It is too late for the first bit.


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