Lets us make a toast!!

  1. To that campus girl who has worn the same pair of shoes and held the same handbag for an entire semester. I hear you!
  2. To that girl with a closet full of party clothes, but the last time she ever stepped into a club was two years ago. I know you!
  3. To those kids with no supper tonight, and are planning to visit their friends then come back and just sleep. This one is for you!
  4. To the campus girl who is pretending to be going on weekend dates, when she is actually heading home. What you do catches up with you!
  5. To all the people who have eaten Kikoni rolex for three years and have a rolex guy who knows which ingredients they like in what proportion. Now that’s loyalty!


  1. To the student who reads very hard every semester, but gets different marks all together. It is all in God’s plan. Trust in Him!
  2. To all those people who have ever worn leather shirts on a hot day. How was it? I forgot to add, In Ugandan Sunshine!
  3. To the El nino rains and all those campus kids who have ever worn sneaks and boots on a rainy morning and gotten stranded with them when the hot sun came out at noon. I hear you!
  4. To all the people who have ever tasted food from Eddy Mo’s. Chips Pilao and Liver. I feel you!
  5. To all the girls who once had dreams of becoming models in campus. Some made it, some gained weight, and others are still out there waiting to be discovered. I hear you!
  6. To all the people that dressed to kill (wink*) in their first year, and now, they have worn the same denim three times in one week in their third year. I understand you!
  7. To everyone who has ever entered a taxi with fixed money, and kept on praying that the fare is not accidentally increased. It is very risky too!
  8. To all my friends who have ever used pioneer Bus and dint know what to do to stop the driver. I am one of you!
  9. To all the people who have “taken walks” during exams, yet were just scared of their rooms because they knew their books would be waiting for them.
  10. To all the people who have ever said they wanted to learn French, are still saying it, and might say it for many years to come. Simply you!

Let us make a toast to all these 10 weird campus times!









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