BOyfriend things#

Should I leave stuff at his place?

It’s amazing to have a boyfriend, but a more relieving feeling is knowing that you have stamped his back, copyrighted his shoulders and labelled his trousers. Booked him. If there was a way we girls could tattoo the back of our men’s heads with our names. If only there was a way we could make them say our names for every sentence they bring out, so that whoever they interact with knows they are taken.

However, men will be men, and tying them down is only pushing them away. There is a brilliant woman however, who invented one of the best tricks, which I have seen work for many. Leave stuff at his place.

It is either girl code, or something that everywoman wants to try out without even thinking twice. There is a lot of stuff that we can leave: A pair of pins for just in case, an extra bag for just in case, a toothbrush for just in case, and clothes for just in case. However, the biggest problem is that a woman will never be decided upon what she would need and what she wouldn’t, which will lead into ferrying her entire room into her man’s house.


No males allowed beyond this point!

I will take you through a few steps to “Leave stuff at his place” and then we will figure out whether it is okay to do it anyway.

  1. Visit him with a lot of stuff. Jeans, a top, sweater, neck scarf, and a hair scarf to “prevent the wind from messing up your hair while on a boda boda” That has always been the main trick, so honey if your reading this, I hope you now know that when I come and scatter my things around your place, it is because I want to forget some. I leave the belt on one table, the hairband under the bed, the hand ban on the table, the scarf on the chair and the sweater on the wall (Wink*)
  2. Incase step 1 fails and he gets you red handed leaving a bunch of stuff, pull the “honey they don’t fit in my bag and I will look weird carrying this outside” trick. We are women! Always known for being sensitive about how we look. They are men, always known for being sensitive about the way their woman feels. So let’s take advantage. (Wink*)
  3. Say you are coming back to pick it the next day. Then let the next day be the next day, and the next be the next after that. This has however never been proven to work because the last time I did that? I visited two weeks later and somehow found it in my bag.
  4. Leave in a hurry. This will always work. I guarantee you that. This plan however expires with time. To be used only twice.

So is it okay to leave things at his place? Most males have no problem with it. It however becomes a problem when they want to harvest some other girl and your things are everywhere. I think we can leave just enough, nothing to crowd the man’s Den. Pins, watches, and basic jewelry is always a plus. That brings me to a conclusion that It also depends on the stage of the relationship you are in. so Yes, it is okay to leave stuff at his place, depending on what stage of the relationship you are in, and the item that you plan on leaving behind.






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