I took a stroll down to the bridge that connects Bukoto to Kisasi late Saturday night, to catch a glimpse of the world outside mine. I wanted to see crowds filled with celebration having heard the announcement and declaration of the new President of Uganda

Maybe they would have lured my heavy body to join them, in screams of triumph. To my dismay, however, the always busy highways where quiet, and empty. The way they were deserted sent  a chill down my spine. Sort of like a particular one I got in a vampire diaries season when Damon and Bonnie and I went back to 1994. However, that was not what came into my mind. It was the second time, in the same week, and month I felt like a zombie invasion had hit the country. The first being the social media blackout.


ME: walking the abandoned streets alone

I woke up Wednesday morning, to hold a heated election conversation in my class Watsapp group. An early shower was inevitable, before I sent all my friends good morning texts, eager for their replies which, to me, was an opportunity to ask the question; “So, who do you support?” When a texting addict gets no reply having sent five messages, it becomes an alarming, emergency situation. I checked to make sure I had not deleted my account (Stupid right?), then sent three more messages to people I had not talked to, for months. “Hey, and Hi’”. No intention whatsoever of having conversation. I just needed to know whether I had been blocked by an entire population. My heart pumped a little, and for a moment I imagined a zombie invasion.

I have not watched very many movies, but I can confidently say this election period can be compared to more than ten thousand of them

I get a lot of these hallucinations, from watching too many movies of course. It has over the years boosted my imagination and creativity, so there is no way I am stopping it. Usually, whenever I wake up in the morning, a thought melts my entire brain. “It is not yet morning,” it always says. “That is false morning. A trap, set by the monsters of the night. To capture you. No, Poni, don’t go outside yet!” well, many of you may interpret it as a girl getting an excuse to wake up and do chores, but trust me it always feels so real.

So, here I was. The entire world was gone, and I was the Dr. Robert Neville, (I am Legend) why was I left behind? Why were my messages going through and not being received? I quickly scrolled through all my Watsapp contacts, until I saw a profile picture change. An instant text. In search for an answer. He told me that social media had been shut down, and he was using a particular wireless connection. I paused for a moment then smiled, and immediately understood that I held an immunity that many would want. An immunity like the color blind people in World war Z. I had to hide myself, for I could be hunted for like those boys in Maze Runner. But no! Only a coward would have made such a move. I held on, making a personal decision to search around the planet for any survivors. I found yet another, who refused to convey to me the information I needed. “How exactly he was able to stay online, when the entire race had been locked down?” we stayed together, and chatted, waiting for more survivors. As the sun came up, and the day brightened, the zombies retired to their hiding places, and a few people discovered protective Vests. Vests People Needed.


Me: When I discovered I had immunity

I have not watched very many movies, but I can confidently say this election period can be compared to more than ten thousand of them. At one point, during the Monday Wandegeya riot I almost played the songs in the straight outta Compton movie. I have said too much already!


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