YOUNG BLOOD: #10 times i was a dumb kid

  • I still wonder why mango Safi had pictures of lots of fruits on its cover. It sort of made me a dumb kid. I used to insert a straw through a different fruit thinking it would give me a different flavor.
  • I still wonder why I used to fall for that Kiwi advert on TV. I would kick dust and wipe my shoes with a piece of cloth, so that it could shine, and it wouldn’t. I later found out it was a type of shoe.

  • I wonder why I used to come back with tomatoes whenever I was sent for bread, and salt whenever I was sent for matchboxes. I see no relationship.
  • I wonder why I was too scared to compete in races as a kid. I would tell the teacher I had knock knees, and mum said I shouldn’t run. I did not even know what those where.
  • I wonder why I believed all those lies. All those people in my primary who told me Titanic was the dirtiest movie ever. I waited to watch it, and guess what. It is really dirty. Literally a blue movie.


  • I wonder why I used to laugh at the children with bigger butts and boobs in primary school. They seemed “older”. Ten years down the road, I have realized that they are the in-things.
  • I wonder why I let mum show off with me to every visitor. She would call me to ask them brain teasers. They would then intentionally fail them, to make me feel good about myself.
  • I wonder why I made a language when I was a kid. It was called Vuddu. “Too mujien” meant the dog is peeing. A language of five words. Five years down the road and I realized vuddu is a form of witchcraft.
  • Pneumoualtramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconionsis. The longest word I alone could spell, and I alone could read. What did I think I would become? A rocket scientist?
  • I wonder why I cried when I got my first love letter. My eyes where read, my stomach and head ached for a day. I missed school because I felt dirty.






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