Diary of a broke fashionista 3

  I just promoted myself to four-star general! Poni Jao

Poni is a “collector”. I once collected used airtime cards, with no idea about what I wanted them for.   The mixture of colors kind of just looked appealing to me. So, I have recently been hit by the button craze. I am collecting buttons from everything, everyplace and every top. Am in love with buttons and I am starting to want crazy ones on all my clothes. Lots and lots of buttons.

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Diary Of a broke Fashionista 2

Old is Gold; Poni Jao

Have you ever wanted something so bad, but couldn’t afford it? Well ask me.

I have wanted so many things in the fashion world. I like “the look” but most times I don’t have the finance to make me own the million things that a girl wants. So I normally buy one really expensive thing, and many other cheap things, to put a blend in my closet. I know very many ladies may be facing the same problem, or may be entangled in these financial situations, but am here to tell you that being broke does not mean you can’t be a fashion killer.

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Diary of a Broke Fashionista 1


My own version of a tat patch; Poni Jao

I love clothes. I love every type of cloth, as long as it looks good on me of course. There are two categories of cloth lovers. Many love clothes to the extent that they have the newest and latest. I love clothes to the point, I just can’t let go of anything in my closet. Throughout life, I have learnt that fashion is repetitive, and clothes are like puzzle pieces waiting to be put together, to make one big explosion. So I dedicated myself to always filling in the gaps, and reconstructing the puzzle in the cheapest way possible.

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