I have a belief that people by passed the social media blockage, not as a means of defiance, but because they are as hungry as I am, for knowledge about their country.

Call me uninformed, unconcerned, or any other words you may choose, but I gladly admit to the fact that I currently do not know three quarters of the ministers of my country. I have no knowledge whatsoever about the number of districts we currently have, and the different members of parliament representing them. I cannot differentiate the role of the police, from that of the security guards and the army. I am also nursing a pinching fact that I know not my rights, and who I should report to incase they are being violated.

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She skillfully dug through the white walls of the sticky fibers that covered up a large, yellow and juicy flesh. The anxiety with which she tore the jackfruit, held me in the same position, and made me watch her every move. The manner with which I looked on, each time she placed the fruit in her mouth, led her to find a need to communicate.

“We have a lot of fruits in our home”, the ten year old said, “Sometimes I pack and go with it to school”

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