YOUNG BLOOD: #10 times i was a dumb kid

  • I still wonder why mango Safi had pictures of lots of fruits on its cover. It sort of made me a dumb kid. I used to insert a straw through a different fruit thinking it would give me a different flavor.
  • I still wonder why I used to fall for that Kiwi advert on TV. I would kick dust and wipe my shoes with a piece of cloth, so that it could shine, and it wouldn’t. I later found out it was a type of shoe.

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Lets us make a toast!!

  1. To that campus girl who has worn the same pair of shoes and held the same handbag for an entire semester. I hear you!
  2. To that girl with a closet full of party clothes, but the last time she ever stepped into a club was two years ago. I know you!
  3. To those kids with no supper tonight, and are planning to visit their friends then come back and just sleep. This one is for you!
  4. To the campus girl who is pretending to be going on weekend dates, when she is actually heading home. What you do catches up with you!
  5. To all the people who have eaten Kikoni rolex for three years and have a rolex guy who knows which ingredients they like in what proportion. Now that’s loyalty!

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