Spotting Techniques This Examination Period

Nobody will tell you this. I will!

I should call Adele up and tell her that the only thing that beats her music and top chart album releases are examination periods in the university. Then she would give me her “I don’t care what you think thing.” 11 times Adele dint care what you think Anyway, that is beside the point. Examination week is playing around with people’s radios in my hostel. Almost six rooms on my floor have been attacked, and am not planning on letting mine be too. However because I have Fear Of Missing Out, like almost every Ugandan, I guess, on the other hand , I might not let this exam time go un- noticed. I wrote down a few tricks that could be used to spot (Evil grin) wrong advice I know!

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I think I should make a movie called wildly ones. notice that I added the “y” after wild, because there is already a movie called wild ones. I have another wild girl growing under my watch. She is responsible and intelligent. Something I suppose she got from me.

Her daily timetable has story time inclusive, and my auntie Florence is the teacher assigned this duty. Lorna loves story time, but she cannot relax and just let the story slide into her mind so that she can feel the comfort of imagination.

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I walked into the room one day, and noticed an egg half covered in Ruth’s bed. At a young age she is one of the jolliest people I have ever laid my eyes on. Ruth, is my niece, the younger one and one of the wild ones. By wild, I mean the real dictionary definition of the word.

Having found this egg, covered with an intention of keeping it warm, I went looking for her, and happened to collide with her around the dining with another egg in her hand. Trust me, at that moment I was confused. What would a small girl be doing transferring eggs here and there. Lots of thoughts crowded my mind. Even illuminati stuff, or maybe that she was the Easter bunny and had been keeping it from us.

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